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Girls Night In - Treatments at Home Surrey

Fancy a girls night in with your friends? Why not indulge and invite your friends to your home and treat yourselves to a evening with great conversation and soothing treatments. You can opt for some express treatments before a night on the town or just for comfort in your own home, whatever the occasion or just because.

What happens on the night?

Once your guests have selected their treatments we produce a treatment schedule for the evening just to make sure everything runs smoothly and everyone knows when they are due their treatment at the party.

Treatments can be taken all at once or split into two sessions. This will give the rest of the guests the chance to socialise. All of the organization and equipment is taken care of so that you can relax and enjoy your party.


Mini back massage – 15 minutes £15.00
Neck, back and shoulder massage – 30 minutes £25.00
Foot massage – 15 minutes £15.00
Fully body massage – 60 minutes £35.00
45 mins for hopi treatment - £25 each

Manicure - 1 hour £20.00
French Manicure - 1 hour £22.00
This treatment includes soaking, shaping, buffing and cuticle work with a hand and forearm massage finishing with a polish.

Pedicure - 1 hour £22.00
French Pedicure - 1 hour £24.00
This treatment includes soaking, shaping, buffing, cuticle work with an exfoliation scrub and foot massage.

Manicure and Pedicure Combined - 2 hours £40.00 

Spray tans now available
Get bronzed and beautiful
£20 full body
£15 1/2 body
£15 Top up tan (2-4 days after 1st tan)
Invite the girls over for a Tan Party!!
2-4 people £15 each
5+ £15 each and the host goes free!!

Specialised Treatments

Paraffin Wax Treatment - £10.00
Helps moisturise dry and cracked skin

Warm Oil Treatment - £10.00
Treats to relieve dry hands


Pamper Party Frequently Asked Questions

I know you do hen nights but could you do a hen day?
Yes we do, just let us know what time you would like to have your party, as we can accommodate most times.

Do I get paid for hosting a Party?
Unfortunately not, unless your guests wish to pay for you! The idea is that all friends get together to ‘catch-up’, try out new treatments, be pampered, chill-out and relax all at the same time.

How much room do I need?
Enough room for a massage couch 6 by 2ft and enough room for your guests!
Can guests come even if they don't want treatments?
Yes of course they can, but it would be good to double check with them that they definitely don't want to try out one of the treatments.

How can I pay?
You can pay by cheque or cash.

What should the guests wear?
Comfortable clothing, maybe bathrobe or jogging clothes, anything you feel comfortable in and that can be removed easily if having massage.

Do you provide food?
Unfortunately we do not provide food, we suggest that the hostess provides simple healthy nibbles so they are not too stressed out about cooking on the day.

Do you do Pamper Parties for men?
Only by referral

Will we have to buy products from you or your company?
Definitely not, we do not promote any other products or pressurise any other guests to book parties, at The Pamper Party.

What happens if I need to change the number of guests?
You need to let us know as soon as possible as it may affect the number of therapists that we send to your party. Refunds can be given for guests who are unable to attend your party if we are provided with a minimum of 7 days notice.

Do I need to provide the therapists with anything? ie, bed, food, tea, coffee, electricity etc
All of our therapists are fairly self sufficient, but they will not require food, tea or coffee………… unless you would like to offer them!!

Some of my friends are pregnant/just given birth or breastfeeding, would they be able to have treatments?
Yes, this is fine. You just need to let us know. Certain massage treatments are not advisable but they can certainly join in the fun...

My mum is 65 is it too much for her?
If you or your mother think she would like it.... She'll love it! Let her try and if she or you are a little nervous please let us know so that we can ensure she has that 'extra care' that we are looking for when a little apprehensive.

It all sounds brilliant, how do I organise everyone without getting stressed?
Complete our Booking Form and send us your deposit. We will send you confirmation of your party booking and give you a call to help you to organise your party. We will take every care to ensure you have a wonderfully relaxing Pamper Party.

[Travel fees applicable]

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Ruby Marsh, Fetcham

“Absolutely beautiful, soothing, relaxing”
Leah Mansfield, Dorking

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Your fairy godmother for the night will arrive armed with everything you need to ensure your party is as fab as you will feel.